My name is Marrilou, I’m an enthusiastic and driven dietician, passionate foodie and hobby cook. I’m happy to say that I’ve made my passion my profession and that I can be busy with food all day through. If I’m not accompanying my clients to the lifestyle they want, I’m cooking for my catering service, writing about nutrition, making food pictures or enjoying food myself. With the experience of having a dietician practice, I can respond well to the hypes, trends and questions around the subject nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in our daily lives, and very rightly! Nutrition has a major impact on our health. If all Dutch live healthy, a large proportion of strokes, diabetes type 2, cancer and heart diseases could be prevented.

But what is that healthy? Nowadays, you'll hear something different everywhere: You’ll get fat from eating bread, gluten and milk are bad for you, sugar is poison, super foods are the new medicine and lemon water on a sober stomach causes digestion to start. Pretty tiresome, all these hypes, ideas and new insights. How do we keep life uncomplicated, simple and healthy? I will be happy to help you and can offer you a practical advice on how to live healthy within your current lifestyle. I guide you on the path of awareness and bring you the necessary knowledge. Personal advice and involvement is very important in my guidance. It will be more about a lifestyle change, not just a temporary diet. Marrilou is registered in the Quality Register for Paramedics and member of the Dutch Association of Dieticians. For all your questions regarding your diet or health, you can contact Marrilou at

Marrilou works every Tuesday evening @thebase. 

The insurer will compensate for dietary consultations for 3 hours from the basic package. With additional insurance coverage can be extended. Take into account your annual own risk. A reference from the GP is not required.